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Artifact 99ca5b4ad491e8c5e98497854f2d202af56d05a5:

Wiki edit [99ca5b4ad4] - Add attachment [/artifact/3b287ff2d834765a|tclkit-gui-8.5.15-raspbian-armhf] to wiki page [raspbian-armhf] by schelte on 2014-05-27 21:06:15.
A tclkit-gui-8.5.15-raspbian-armhf raspbian-armhf 3b287ff2d834765afcd72199e2dcacccf7d235e2
C Tclkit\s8.5.15,\scross-compiled\sfor\sRaspberry\sPi,\swith\sserial\sport\sand\sxft\ssupport.
D 2014-05-27T21:06:15.403
U schelte
Z 751498c995e3431461ef707a5f8dbb2f