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Artifact 3b95e7a6f80e8f15da08e5d938e55bda8a045bd9:

Wiki edit [3b95e7a6f8] - Add attachment [/artifact/3d0619be4135eb0c|tclkit-gui-8.6.1-raspbian-armhf] to wiki page [raspbian-armhf] by schelte on 2014-05-27 19:20:44.
A tclkit-gui-8.6.1-raspbian-armhf raspbian-armhf 3d0619be4135eb0c80d6d54d0309fce4fa58596f
C Tclkit\s8.6.1,\scross-compiled\sfor\sRaspberry\sPi,\swith\sserial\sport\sand\sxft\ssupport.
D 2014-05-27T19:20:44.709
U schelte
Z cf38ae1cb0ce838ccb704c206c9d91da