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TclKit Downloads

If you're looking for a Tclkit, you can download these. They're built from Tcl/Tk sources using my KitCreator automated processes, and have the following features built in:

  • incr Tcl
  • MetaKit
  • Thread (8.6+)
  • TclVFS
  • And more...

Everything here is freely available. I'm offering this service as a courtesy to the community.


Roy Keene

What's a Tclkit?

A Tclkit is a self-contained Tcl interpreter and several common Tcl modules, all rolled up into a single executable. Tclkits are a convenient way to deploy Tcl and a bundle of software onto computers that may not have Tcl installed at all.

Base TclKits

System Platform Versions
Windows x86 8.5.15 8.6.1
Windows x86_64 8.5.15 8.6.1
RHEL5 x86_64 8.5.15 8.6.1
RHEL5 x86 8.5.15 8.6.1
Mac OS X ppc/ppc64 8.5.15 8.6.1
Raspbian arm 8.5.15 8.6.1
Solaris sparc 8.5.15
Solaris sparcv9 8.5.15

TclKits with Extensions Included

System Platform Versions Tk TWAPI
Windows x86 8.5.15, 8.6.1 - -
Windows x86 8.6.0 - 4.0.61
Windows x86 8.6.0 8.6.0 4.0.61
Windows x86_64 8.5.15, 8.6.1 - -
Windows x86_64 8.6.0 - 4.0.61
Windows x86_64 8.6.0 8.6.0 4.0.61