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  1. Ticket change [6c2875a9cc] (rid 242) by anonymous on 2020-12-18 02:54:34:

    1. foundin initialized to: "kitcreator-0.12.0"
    2. icomment:
      When attempting to build a tclkit using kitcreator 0.12.0, these messages were given:
      Building tcl ... done.
      Building tclvfs ... failed.
      Building zlib ... done.
      Building tk ... failed.
      Building itcl ... done.
      Building mk4tcl ... failed.
      Building kitsh ... failed.
      Failed to build: tclvfs tk mk4tcl kitsh
      WARNING: Build is likely incomplete or failed.
      It would be helpful to have detailed troubleshooting hints to follow in order to resolve the failures. That could appear in a Wiki page, README, or possibly a debug mode that gives verbose output that could be used to trace the build problems.
      This tclkit build was attempted on Cygwin. It is understood you don't have bandwidth to test numerous platforms.
    3. login: "anonymous"
    4. mimetype: "text/x-fossil-plain"
    5. private_contact initialized to: "4935ab53bb655f358c9074a11f6a9e76da83ccbc"
    6. severity initialized to: "Important"
    7. status initialized to: "Open"
    8. title initialized to:
      request kitcreator documentation that discusses possible reasons for build failures
    9. type initialized to: "Documentation"